To all our clients and partners,
We are closely following the worldwide and local COVID-19 situation and wanted to reassure you that, at the moment, no case has been reported inside the H2Lab teams. Our operations and activities remain open, following our standard working hours. The only exception is for the Vaudreuil-Dorion branch which will remain open only for the deposit, 24/7 except Fridays. All our sample collection services will remain unchanged.

We strongly encourage our clients to use the «analysis request» function on our client web portal instead of using paper analysis request forms. The web analysis request is sent directly to the lab, without any paper need, as long as the sample bottle or container is well identified, including the analysis request number. This measure will reduce the manipulation of paper, knowing this component can’t be disinfected.

Our main priority is to protect and keep our staff, clients, partner and suppliers healthy. We plan a strong preventative strategy in addition to the advanced measures already in place due to the type of business we conduct. This preventative strategy focuses on actions that will allow us to continue providing a safe and sustainable service during this COVID-19 crisis.
These actions include:

  • Strengthening hygienic measures
  • Disinfection of cooler and icepacks immediately upon reception and before the expedition
  • Wearing glove while manipulating bottles and coolers
  • Washing and disinfecting hands between each customer interaction
  • Limitation of unnecessary travel and meeting
  • Working at home, if possible
  • Voluntary isolation of any employee who has symptoms or has been in contact with someone who has symptoms.

Be reassured that the teams at H2Lab will do all they can to maintain high-quality service and respect all their commitments while prioritizing the protection of public health.
We strongly encourage you to stay informed of this fast-evolving situation by consulting the World Health Organization (WHO) website or the federal and provincial government website. We are watching the fast evolution of the situation and will inform you immediately about any changes or developments.
We thank you for your usual collaboration and your comprehension.
If you have any question about our services and operation, please call your H2Lab customer agent 1 877 326-8690.
Link to the client web portail: