Frequently Asked Questions 


I am selling or buying a house with a water well

1-Drinking water (microbiology) will probably be required by your financial Institution. Test should have been done within the past 3 months to be representative.

If water well has never been tested for chemical parameters in the past, the 6Complete package should be done instead of the previous one. It will provide a complete water quality portrait to the resident (including chemical and microbiological contaminants).

I have a new water well

After you, or the contractor, have done the disinfection of your water well, wait at least 30 to 60 days and do the 6- Complete package. During waiting period, make sure you are using water normally to assure circulation through pipes. However, it is NOT recommended to consume water before having it tested, but it can be use for other purposes.

Is my lake water quality's enough so I could swim in?

Having lake/beach water tested to protect swimmers  can be done by the 11-Bathing analysis which include 6 analysis of E.coli. 

You will have to sample 3 different areas at 2 depths for each (knee and hip). Results will present water quality according to this chart:

  • A – Excellent (0-20 UFC E.coli/100ml)
  • B – Good (21-100 UFC E.coli/100ml)
  • C – Tolerable (101-199 UFC E.coli/100ml)
  • D – Polluted ( ≥ 200 UFC E.coli/100ml)
Do I need special container to test my water ?

Yes, you will have to use container that will be giving to you by the lab at your purchase.

Is my water drinkable ?

If you never had your water tested before, you should choose the 6-Complete package.

Then, once or twice a year, you should do the 1- Drinking water (microbiology) analysis.

My water has particular smell, taste or color

If you observe any physical change with your water (deposit, stain, cloudy water, bad taste, smell or odor) the 3- Aesthetics (taste, odor, color) package will be recommended. 

Is my water has toxic chemicals ?

4- Drinking water and Health (duo)  is the package we would recommend to know if your water is safe to be drinked. If you already did the 1- Drinking Water (microbiology) package in the past few months, only 2- Health (chemical) package has to be done.


Do I need to install a water treatment system ?

Water treatment system must be adequate to properly treat water contaminants you have. It never should be installed without a prior analysis.

You should choose a device certified NSF/ANSI . Make sure you contact a specialist in water treatment system to assist you in your approach.


Online store

Choose your analysis on our ONLINE STORE and decide the delivery method you prefer to get your containers :shipping or picking-up at lab. 

Once you have your container, follow the sampling procedure and bring your sample back at the lab or ship it back with the pre-paid waybill (if shipping delivery method chosen).

Simple as that!

At labs

At your local laboratory or branch purchase your analysis.

Note that the fastest and easiest way remain to access our ONLINE STORE to make your purchase. Your container can be shipped at your place or picked-up  at the laboratory of your choice,


How often should I do my water test ?
At what time of the year should I have my water tested ?

1-Drinking water (microbiology) should be done at least once or twice a year. Spring and fall are the best time because snow melts and heavy rains make it easier to detect contaminant infiltration into the water well. However, water test can be done at anytime of the year.

In addition, it is advisable to have your water analyzed if you notice that it has changed in taste, smell or appearance or when work has been carried out on or near the well. In that case, 5- Drinking water and aesthetics would be recommended. 

What are the deadlines for receiving my test results?

Here is a list of the deadline of the frequently requested analyses. Please note that the delay is calculated from the reception at the treating laboratory*. One (1) additionnal business day must be allow if sample is dropped at other point of service.

Treating laboratories: Joliette, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Rouyn-Noranda

Drinking water analysis

  • 1-Drinking water (microbiology) 5 business days (3 business days for rush deadline – extra charge) 
  • 2- Health:  15 business days (5 business days for rush deadline – extra charge)
  • 3- Aestethic: 15 business days (5 business days for rush deadline – extra charge)
  • 6- Complete package : see package 1, 2 and 3 (all included)
  • Metal: 15 business days (5 business days for rush deadline – extra charge)
  • Sulfides : 15 business days 

Analyse d’eau de lac

Can I get my results faster ?

You can pay an additionnal charge to prioritarize your sample and have a shorter deadline. Here is the rush deadlines and the extra charge:

  • 1- Drinking water (microbiology): 3 business days : 30$ + taxes
  • 2- Health:  5 Business days : 37.50$ + taxes
  • 3- Aesthetic: 5 Business days: 37.50$ + taxes
  • 6- Complete package : 5 Business days : 105$+ taxes
  • Metal: 5 Business days : 37.50$ + taxes

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