We have one of the most complete environmental sampling departments and a technical team certified by the MDDELCC. Our sampling operations take place in compliance with the sampling guide of the Centre d’expertise en analyses environnementales du Québec.

Drinking water

Our lab offers a sampling service for drinking water distribution networks and for private homes. Let our certified team take care of your sampling project to ensure a simpler and more efficient management of your facilities!

Waste water and environmental releases

It is often very complicated to comply with regulatory requirements governing environmental issues. Such compliance requires a rigorous and strict characterization of environmental releases. H2Lab offer you a complete sampling service allowing you to simplify your sampling schedule and make it easier to comply with.


H2Lab experts have the tools and expertise required to conduct your groundwater sampling campaign in order to take representative samples and to maintain ground integrity at the lab.

Pool, hot tub, beach and recreational water

The sampling service offered by H2Lab complies with MDDELCC directions while respecting your needs and special requirements. Let us manage your sampling schedule and you will be sure to enjoy a professional sampling service and to comply with required analytical frequencies.

Lakes and rivers

In order to document the quality of water in your lake and to determine the different types of potential contaminants, H2Lab proposes a surface water sampling service. You may thus prevent or target specific problems by taking appropriate measures.

Soils and sediments

The analysis of contaminated soils allows us to determine the possible way of reusing it. H2Lab proposes a composite sampling service that is more representative of the land plot to be analyzed. This methodology allows reducing the variability of results while guaranteeing a good result.

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Making a career with H2Lab equals joining a dynamic and disciplined team. We are always on the lookout for new talents.