Environmental follow-up

Contaminated land, tailings, industrial waste, surface water quality and observation wells have no secret for our team of specialists. Our labs help preserve a healthy environment by quickly providing our customers with required analyses.

Contaminated land

The Quebec government has identified over 10,000 contaminated lands and this number increases each year. Some types of contamination may have serious consequences on the environment. Environmental analyses are required in case of doubt or to demonstrate the efficiency of a rehabilitation process. No matter how big your project is, H2Lab has the perfect solution.

Tailings and industrial waste water

Environmental follow-ups imposed upon industries and other establishments are becoming increasingly strict and require complex and frequent analyses. Make your task simpler and call H2Lab.Our professionals will be capable of preparing a sampling and analysis schedule that meets your needs and will propose a range of analyses allowing you to comply with your regulatory follow-ups.

Surface water quality

Planning a lake and river water follow-up is not an easy task. With more than 300 potential contaminants, it becomes easy to get lost. Let our professionals help you choose a relevant program that will allow you to get the information that you are looking for based on your needs and preoccupations.

Observation well

In order to demonstrate that their activities are not a source of contamination, several industries perform groundwater controls. Concerned about their impact on the environment, these industries resort to H2Lab to get analysis results. Our labs give straight and precise facts rapidly.

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