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You need to have drinking water, wastewater, soil or contaminated land analyzed or to detect the presence of asbestos? No matter your project, you will be getting fair results quickly with H2Lab! We collaborate with municipalities, engineering firms, mines and industries and help them with their projects, big or small.

No matter the type of water, we have the analytical solution that will allow you to demonstrate with certainty that you meet regulatory requirements. We offer a wide range of analyses that will meet your needs.

A customized solution for your miscellaneous metal, petroleum contaminant or ion analysis projects. And also in terms of static leaching tests and to determine potentially resulting contaminants.

No matter the water or soil matrix, we count on a team of certified and experienced specialists who take care of your sampling needs and comply with sampling frequencies.

Our team of professionals will meet all analytical and environmental requirements of your projects. From planning the sampling process to the interpretation of results, you can trust H2Lab’s expertise!

Our employees are qualified and they will conduct research and identify asbestos fibers. Trust us with your analyses in order to get precise and reliable results.

What’s new with H2Lab


The danger of floods on your health: contamination of your well.

Floods can have a big impact on affected homes. Physical damage to a home can obviously be very expensive, but it can also pose significant health risks to residents. Preventive and corrective measures must be taken to ensure the health of citizens during and following a flood in their area, including the assessment of water quality in the distribution system.

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Our project leaders will be delighted to present you quickly with a complete offer based on your needs and at competitive prices.

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Making a career with H2Lab equals joining a dynamic and disciplined team. We are always on the lookout for new talents.