H2Lab carries out the follow-up of water quality efficiently and with no complication. Through physico-chemical and microbiological analyses performed in accordance with applicable requirements and recommendations, we help preserve a healthy environment and participate in sustainable development.

Drinking water

The supply of drinking water is essential but complicated. Applicable requirements and regulations can be difficult to coordinate and to comply with. We offer complete and customized physico-chemical and microbiological analysis services allowing you to perform follow-up in full confidence.

Waste water and environmental releases

The respect for the environment is one of our core values. To allow companies to meet applicable requirements and regulations, we offer a wide and complete range of physico-chemical and microbiological analytical services. Our analytical department is precise, quick and uncompromising.

Surface water

Surface water criteria issued by the Government include over 300 contaminants that must be characterized. At H2Lab, we have the expertise and resources needed to offer a high-quality analytical service. We meet the specific needs of our customers with rigor, preciseness and accuracy.


Groundwater contamination is a major problem for our ecosystems and in terms of public health. At H2Lab, we offer a series of customized analysis services that meet your needs in order to characterize supply sources or monitor observation wells.

Pool, hot tub, beach and recreational water

The monitoring of natural and artificial ponds accessible to citizens is governed by strict government-led quality control procedures. The person in charge of the pond or the beach must perform lab analysis at a rate specified in regulations. H2Lab offers a complete range of services allowing to perform your analyses in compliance with Government requirements.

Radioactive elements

H2Lab is the only private lab certified in Quebec to analyze Radium 226. The existence of radionuclide in the environment can have serious consequences on your health, but you can count on our expertise to get a specialized analysis of these elements.

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