Spring floods are becoming more common in Quebec. To the despair of the citizens affected by these events a state of alert has been implemented and emergency response methods have been witnessed over the last few years.

Floods can have a big impact on affected homes. Physical damage to a home can obviously be very expensive, but it can also pose significant health risks to residents. Preventive and corrective measures must be taken to ensure the health of citizens during and following a flood in their area, including the assessment of water quality in the distribution system.

In flood situations, private drinking water distribution systems (underground or surface wells) are often contaminated and septic systems are submerged and engorged. Very often, changes in groundwater or surface water quality are caused by the flooding of rivers or the overflow of septic systems.

It is very important not to consume the water during the flood period and to follow the recommendations of the Quebec government, which specifies to wait 10 days before carrying out the disinfection of the well and the verification of the quality of the water. Water contaminated with microorganisms can remain clear without any taste or odor. Only an analysis at an accredited laboratory for microorganisms in drinking water can confirm the absence of pathogenic organisms in your water.

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